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Alison & Natalie | Sisters Maternity

Sisters...pregnant...together!!! I always wanted a sister growing up but this just makes me wish I had one even more!  What an amazingly fun time in life for them right now!  Sisters, Alison & Natalie are pregnant together!  These photos were taken on Alison's due date and one week later she is still awaiting the arrival of her first child, Jacoby.  Come on little guy...don't hide away from us any longer we want to meet you!!!!  Natalie is 20 weeks pregnant...just at the halfway mark!  And to make this story even better...they're both having BOYS!!  I can't help with all the exclamation marks in this post!!!!!  This! is! so! awesome!!!!!!  :)  
Alison is originally from California, where her family still lives.  To ensure they were all here for the birth of baby Jacoby they came a couple of days before Alison's due date.  And they had the fabulous idea of doing a maternity shoot...together!!!!!  This was so much fun to do and honestly...two incredibly beautiful and photogenic people.  Thanks for making my job so easy girls:)

I'm so excited to meet Jacoby and for little baby boy (still to be named) in your belly, Natalie!  Thank you for asking me to capture such a special time in both of your lives...and what your parents must be thinking! much fun!!!  I love you both so much and I hope these pictures get you, Alison so excited that you go into labor:)  



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